PrivacyPolicy / TermsOfUse


The Vtuber Posing ("This App") is a non-profit application developed by Evelyn GameDev ("I") with the aim of further developing the Vtuber community. I do not collect any personal information in this app.

By using this app, you agree to these terms and conditions.

2.About the user's information

I do not collect any information from this app, including app analytics or crash logs. As such, I have no control over your information.

3.Copyright, intellectual property rights, etc.

The copyright and all other rights to the fan art illustrations drawn using this app belong to the Vtubers who have participated in the app and their organizations.


This app is based on the goodwill of "Vtubers who have released 3D models" and "Vtubers who have provided 3D models to us". For this reason, the following actions are prohibited.

  • What Vtuber's find offensive
  • Misrepresentation as official or that could be misinterpreted as official.
  • Offensive to public order and morals, antisocial
  • Contain any specific ideological, religious or political content
  • To seriously damage the image of the Vtuber.
  • Injuring the honor or dignity of a third party or infringing the rights of a third party
  • Violation of 「MMD Hololive Secondary Creation Guidelines
  • Violation of 「Kizuna Eye Character Guideline
  • Anything else that I consider inappropriate.

5.Change of Terms and Conditions

I do not plan to change the terms of this agreement. In the unlikely event of any changes, I'll put a link to these Terms and Conditions in the app's settings dialog so that you can check them when you use the app.


I do not warrant that the App will be fit for your particular purpose, or that it will have the functions, commercial value, accuracy or usefulness you expect, or that it will be free from defects. I reserve the right to change the specifications of the App at our convenience. In no event shall I be liable to you for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of the termination, modification or unavailability of the App or the use of the App.


Evelyn GameDev